This movie reflects he sonic game series. The old ones were way better. SOOPER SOOT IS BACK MAN BACK. Geometry Dash? More like Geometry Trash. I t s a j o k e. The first part is not true. But if n/A are garbage, then every level is garbage CAUSE EVERY NEW LEVEL IS N/A EVEN BLOODLUST. So sonic has enough time to stop dozens of missiles but cant stop a tranquilizing dart.

Don't forget that people add low detail mode to their menu only to remove 1 object 😎👍. I already saw this movie on pulsar. Edo no salio en la 🎥. 2029: Thomas The Unstoppable.





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WiiU: Cries In The Corner. My head is gonna explote. Here's an idea for a sequel if the redesign works for the film, let Eggman some how get trapped in Sonic's dimension and let the film solely focus on Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. We don't need another transformers franchise where the main protagonists spend all their time on earth and not in their own worlds. Been waiting for this invention for a long time now. Me: Sees new sonic disign also me: Puts on sonic shoes and runs to a movie theater near me.