The movie with kevin bacon was the sentence. Im not mad at that. This man sunk lower than Steven Seagul. Finally things are lookin up. Looked like about 4 maybe 5 bad guys in the movie, I just saw the deaths of 3 of them in the trailer. Coming ly to VHS. He is aging, new people hates him but he is still best hero for me, long live cage and keep acting. John Wick reboot feat. Nicolas Cage. Nich still got it 😎. Dang. Best case for vigilante justice in a trailer. Nic cage.


Nicolas Cage is the winner of making the most shittiest movies thus far. I want to see it. Where is the story about love. I feel like a read a book with a similar plot. Cant wait this movie... People bash rage but i dont c any difrnc betn this and rage.




Vengeance: A Love Story. B-rated. Vengeance: A Love Story is a 2017 American action thriller film directed by Johnny Martin, written by John Mankiewicz, and starring Nicolas Cage, Don Johnson, Anna Hutchison, Talitha Bateman and Deborah Kara Unger. It is based on the 2003 novel Rape: A Love Story by Joyce Carol Oates. The film was released on September 15, 2017, by FilmRise.

I liked this movie; it has a terror tone, it let you a lot to think at the moment to go on vacation to a uninhabited place. This movie was pretty good. Not sure I would call it horror horror. Or the typical horror kind. I wasn't expecting much from this movie, and the scary part kinda blew its load in the early part. Perhaps more of a mystery movie? Im not sure. But it did not give me what I was expecting. And it really kept my attention, in fact I was a bit surprised when it ended as it just felt short. The kind of time flies when your having fun kind of deal. I recommend it if you want to watch a good movie. But if your looking for the kind of horror that leaves you unsettled for a while after you've watched it, try something els. Like how after I watched Mirrors I kinda didn't want to look in a mirror for a while. Then again I was quite young when i watched that.

Feminism: In world ruled by woman gets Nic Cage is going to shoo the hell out of em. EDI in human form. Her name is MARIE AVGEROPOULOS! Not Octavia! Get it right you wimps. Cage stopped being cool after the rock movie. wtf is this love story? lol it looks bad and too much given away in the trailer. When a new friend is brutally assaulted, Detective John Droomor is put by chance in charge of the investigation. Although the evidence against the perpetrators seems overwhelming, there is nothing definitive in the case that guarantees justice is served, even more so.

Tyrone Magnus where u at.
Hell Octavia is so damn gorgeous...
This movie is so bad. you can't even find it on imdb. lol...

LOOKS GOOD. Not impressed by the movie but I seem to have developed a thing for Annette O'Toole. Silver-haired MILF intrigues me. From the director of yellowbrickroad. lol wtf is yellowbrickroad haha screw it me or were B rated horror movies way better back in the 80's than they are today. Love of language - The Norwegian American. Yes Nichols cage has returned. Sensing a lot of jumpscares in this one.

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Vengeance: A Love Story subtitles. Beyond good and evil is Justice. The Best Books on Essential Norwegian Fiction, Five Books, Roy Jacobsen is a Norwegian novelist and short-story writer, winner of the distinguished Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature, and a member of the Norwegian Academy for Language and Literature. His most recent novel, The Unseen, has been shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker International Prize. Vengeance: A Love Story subtitles, 36 subtitles, Love story.
Nicolas Cage is out for blood in Vengeance: A Love Story. When the trial of four young men who brutally raped and beat a single mother goes south and it looks like they'll get off, the cop who.

Worth watching. Somebody saaaaaaaaaaaave meeee. Cant wait this movie... VENGEANCE, Movieguide, Movie Reviews for. Legal, é aquele ator que fez Paulo de tarsso no filme o filho de Deus. Marie Avgeropoulos. I'd like to make 29 children together with her. Octavia is such a good actor she deserves better films. The movie with kevin bacon was the sentence.




Can't stand unsteady cameras... Look for it on DVD and Digital HD. Why? I just saw the entire movie in 1m53s. Her name is MARIE AVGEROPOULOS! Not Octavia! Get it right you wimps. When Johnny Blaze loses the spirit of vengeance but still wants to be the spirit of vengeance. Tell my '5th element' stripper assistant the truth about the atomic zombie shark tsunami.


Spoiler alert, he doesn't find proof. Syre it was cool, BLARP. Slightly reminds me of Z for Zachariah. That trailer was basically the whole movie! there is nothing left to watch. Octavia and Heatwave, I ship. She's cheating on Lincoln from the grounders... I tried to watch this movie but couldn't get past the boredom to the point I just didn't watch the ending to see what happens. This trailer voice is sooo laughable. The Voice Guys back. Very cute aq çok tatlı. Thank you for not telling the whole story. This is A Far Cry Movie.