I won't morn here, rather i would thank Chester for making my childhood incredible, Thank-you for being there is my good days,bad days, happy days, depressed Thank-you and till the end u would always me a part of me🐺. People hate so much on this game they switch the formats from Ninja Gaiden to metroidvania. I see this as a welcome change. Addicted to this game's soundtracks. Chester charles bennington. I miss Chester and his talent. He was amazing. This is one of the greatest acoustic songs Ive ever heard R.I.P. Chester.

Battle Chasers Nightwar needs more love, don't pass it up my peeps. All the world in front of me Indonesian survivor. This is so beautiful. Linkin park linkin park. Really miss you Chester, you will remain in our hearts to the end of our days. Love you. The first time I cried in my life after listening a song. This song is too much emotional. 😭😭😭. Chester was Born to sing this Song! 😭💕. Linkin park linkin park linkin park.

Sharp edges have consequences. Who in 2019. Remember you're loved... And you always will be... RIP Chester.