Nerdbunker. TMNP 2012 - Maximus Sparkle VS Rainphael by. Renato Joga. 136 likes 2 talking about this. YouTuber, streamer, apaixonado pelo mundo da tecnologia e games. Bem vindo ao meu mundo. contato. Memórias Não Nah das Loucuras - Wattpad. This movie was pretty great. My husband and I watched it glued to the screen (I usually can't sit through a movie) it definitely had our attention from the beginning to the end! It is about a group of people that are locked up and experimented on through brain washing, in order to control violence. The group of people are pitted against each other in some instances, and have no idea what is going on and why they are there, but it is interesting to see what they'll do to get out. "Seventy-Nine" keeps you in suspense until the very end with some surprises that you don't see coming. The Actors all did a great job capturing the creepiness of the situation.
It really makes you think, and wonder if the reality that we live is reality as it actually is! Watch it, you won't regret it.

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Amigos que se conheceram pela internet faz muito tempo e, hoje, eles formam a dupla de um famoso canal de games no YouTube! Pac e Mike contam com seus amigos para tudo.