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Sir Bobby Charlton at 80, Documentary 2017. Sir Bobby Charlton ( SirBobby. Twitter. A stand named after him at Old Trafford, an England training pitch unveiled in his name, the accolades keep coming, and rightly so for this gentleman, figurehead, iconic legend, there is no better ambassador and role model in the game, there was no better player. Happy 80th Birthday Sir Bobby Charlton.

BBC Sir Bobby Charlton at 80. Few have left a greater mark on football than mesmerising midfielder and all-round gentleman Sir Bobby Charlton, who turns 80 on Wednesday. A key member of the Busby Babes and a survivor of the. Manchester United and England legend Sir Bobby Charlton turns 80 on Wednesday - we look back at what made him so special on the football pitch. Few English players can match the achievements of Sir. Bobby Charlton, byname of Sir Robert Charlton, born October 11, 1937, Ashington, Northumberland, England) football (soccer) player and manager who is regarded as one of the greatest English footballers. From 1957 to 1973 he made a total of 106 international appearances for England—a national record at the time.

Sir Bobby Charlton turns 80, Tyne Tees - ITV News. Welcome to the 10th edition of ‘Teams I Hate in the Spotlight: a series of posts in which football clubs I properly hate get their well-deserved spot in the limelight. As this is the 25th edition, I'm throwing an international party. Enjoy. ampnbsp; “The level of football in England is the top. English football is the leader in the world.”* Pele (Brazil 1957-1971) ampnbsp; The England national team - A football club so richly steeped in national dishonour they would be more aptly asso.

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What an Englishman. You really know fuck all about Charlton during his playing days, don't you. The third English goal was pure imagination. It's coming home. Rest in peace great Gordon. You will be missed heavily. Big breast he had there. Legend, from an Everton fan. The Everton away end was full of utd fans that day. Fact. The touts only had tickets for that end on sale that day outside the ground. My mate bought 4 of them.

That 3rd Penalty. Class truly is permanent. INGLIS. The Queen looked so young.




Unlike their neighbours and the Leeds Scum, Everton showed their true class that day. We may be rivals but you did what every decent human being should do and show respect for the passing of a great football man. I know we would show you the same respect. Thank you Everton.

Both,Pele and Yashin appear in this video


Better quality than 90s footage. 😭😭😭😭😭 speechless #legend We must do him proud. Legend, from an Everton fan. I'm a gooner, an old one, but to me Bobby Charlton was the best player England and the world ever produced. The word 'legend' is bandied around gratuitously these days but if it ever applied to a football player it applies to him. A true, true great. I love england.





5/04/2019 Sir Jim Ratcliffe: British billionaire confirms plan to add OGC Nice to sports portfolio. The 66-year-old, worth 21b, recently bought Team Sky - now renamed as Team Ineos. Sir Bobby Charlton At 80: An Ambassador, An Icon And A Gentleman. Classic European Footballers. Matt busby did the impossible then came back to make man utd what there are now simpley the best club in the world respect from a middlesbrough fc fan. 3 - 2 goal was NEVER goal at all. Sir Bobby Charlton at 80, Sunday October 8, BBC One, 10.30pm. most read in football. "The Sun. Sun. Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited.

Few have left a greater mark on football than mesmerising midfielder and all-round gentleman Sir Bobby Charlton, who turns 80 on Wednesday. A key member of the Busby Babes and a survivor of the. I sit down every night watch this cry and eat ice cream, remembering the good days. Documentary celebrating the career of Sir Bobby Charlton to mark his 80th birthday. The hand of god. and the line of god. I WISHD IM FINNISH BOBBY CHARLTON 112+10. 174+18. 113+19. 172+17. 83 RED CARDS. I love england. Terrible comb over hairstyle. BBC Sir Bobby Charlton at 80 Documentary celebrating the remarkable career of footballer Sir Bobby Charlton. Sir Bobby was a key member of the England team that won the World Cup in 1966 and part of a Manchester United team touched by success and tragedy in equal measure.

In the English speaking society, the word ‘Sir is associated with the mark of respect towards elders (in age) or bestowing honor towards the people superior to you in professional hierarchy. It came to India with the advent of British in early 17. I know that was then, but it could be again... So glad he ditched the awful comb player,not so great hair. Ralph Coates was just as and proud. 👍 👍 👍 👍.

A great personality and man. SIR BOBBY Charlton celebrated his 80th birthday on October 11. He is arguably Manchester United and England's greatest player - but he also has a special place in the hearts of football fans in Western Australia. Manchester United and England legend Sir Bobby Charlton turns 80 on Wednesday - we look back at what made him so special on the football pitch. Few English players can match the achievements of Sir. David Beckham says he "owes everything" to Sir Bobby Charlton ahead of the Manchester United great's 80th birthday. As a youngster, Beckham had spells with Tottenham, Leyton Orient and Norwich.

Its coming home lads, its coming home... I can't believe you got a couple seconds of his thoughts, amazing stuff guys he's a legend and whatever he says goes. He gave positive views against our next game against arsenal so I trust every word he says, bring on the gunners. Bobby Charlton was a legend of England. Funny how man utd who were ball 8 in the fa cup draw, got arsenal, who were ball 2 in the next match. 8-2 must be a sign.


Sir Bobby Charlton at 80: great man, not a great documentary.






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Sir bobby charlton at 80 freestyle. @HGM6Barca jealous, hahaha hes a turd. He is a legend of the game and Sir Bobby Charlton’s impact on Manchester United and England will be reflected in a special BBC programme on Sunday night to honour his 80th birthday, which is on Tuesday. Here are some of the tributes paid... Sir Bobby Charlton made 758 appearances for Manchester United between 1956-73 Sir Alex Ferguson The great thing about Bobby Charlton is how he’s handled the greatness. Success can change people, and it’s never changed Bobby Charlton. He is what he is: quiet, shy and I think it’s fantastic. An example for anyone who enters football. He has never forgotten his roots. That girl Norma has been his rock, all his life. She’s an unbelievable person and that is a great partnership. I think he was responsible for me getting the job at Manchester United. We used to go to games all the time — although I don’t think Bobby enjoyed my driving! — so it was a great introduction. We lost the league by drawing at West Ham in the last game of the season, when Blackburn beat us by one point (in 1995). The dressing room was dead. There’s nothing you can say. Bobby came in said: ‘I’m so proud of you all. You’ve represented Manchester United in the best possible way. You’ve done your best. ’ And then he went around and shook everyone’s hand. I’ll never forget it. A friend is someone you can rely on all the time and that’s the case with Bobby. He’ll never let me down'. Sir Alex Ferguson claims Charlton was responsible for his appointment as United manager Eric Cantona He is Manchester United. I think his car can drive there by itself. He can go there with his eyes closed. When I was warming up, I knew he was in the stands and sometimes I thought about that. I never said this before but sometimes I thought: ‘Maybe he’ll be looking at me so I’ll try to do something nice so that he’ll like it. ’ I think he’s a masterpiece of the game. He has a big presence and charisma. He is the heart of the family. I wish him a Happy Birthday. BobbyW, I would like to thank you for everything you did for us and you still do for the club. If we have won some things it is because of a strong figure like you. You gave us all the confidence we needed to win things. Eric Cantona revealed he used to try things on the pitch to impress the watching Charlton Sir Geoff Hurst Bobby is a self-effacing individual. He didn’t recognise how great he was. He was probably one of the most gifted players of this or any generation. He was an idol of mine, to be in the same dressing room as him was a wonderful pleasure. You travel all over the world, to parts where nobody can speak English, and there’s only thing they can say: ‘Bobby Charlton. ’ Geoff Hurst described Charlton as 'one of the most gifted players of this or any generation' Denis Law You just can’t imagine it. You’ve survived a crash like Munich and then carried on your career and you do the things that Bobby did — fantastic. The beauty about playing alongside these boys was that Bobby knew where I’d be going if he was crossing the ball. He was probably one of the most fantastic players there has ever been. For him to go and pick up the European Cup after the crash and everything, you couldn’t write it, could you? He’s a figure in the football world who will never be forgotten. Not only for his playing but for himself Denis Law (left) shared a dressing room with Charlton at Old Trafford for 11 seasons Ryan Giggs When you get a stand named after you at Manchester United then you’re a pretty special player. He is Manchester United. You go for pre-season tours and there are bigger queues for his autograph than for some of the players. And you think: ‘Flippin’ ‘eck, I’m in the presence of a legend. ’ He would join in the sessions the night before a European game. He just glided along the floor, even in his late fifties. It was brilliant to see. That dip of the shoulder, right foot, left foot. It was those shots that seem to get quicker and then they get to halfway and they go even quicker. It’s a remarkable story but the man throughout it never changed. He’s always been a gentleman. Ryan Giggs said Charlton would glide past players during sessions even in his late fifties Gary Neville He is a level above in terms of what he’s done in his career and how he’s gone about his business, his life. Pele, Maradona, Platini, Beckenbauer — all these great players and you put Bobby Charlton in that category. He’s the epitome of Manchester United. The period Sir Bobby played, with Munich, with ’68, with Matt Busby, with George Best, with Denis Law, the Busby Babes, they are this club’s history and the foundation of what everybody looks back to. Dressing rooms can be a rowdy place and, if Sir Bobby walked in, you stopped swearing. You started to behave. I’d done something idiotic on the pitch. He came up to me at the end and said: ‘You don’t need to do that. You are a Manchester United player. ’ I thought: ‘Good point. ’ He’s a hero. If there’s a beacon we can throw out and say ‘there’s our light’ it is Sir Bobby Charlton. He’s the person we would always put up there as being an international world star. A true role model. He’s a level above. Rio Ferdinand He is just Mr Football. The tragedy that he has seen, friends, team-mates dying in front of him and to then dust yourself down and then go again. The strength of that man and the character to do that can’t be underestimated. His wife Norma runs it, no doubt about it. I went to an awards do and was lucky enough to sit with them both and they should have filmed it. She was making sure he didn’t put his cuff in his soup and his knife and fork were in place. For all that he’s achieved as a footballer, as a man, after football, he’s still the man next door. He feels like he’s touchable. When you sign for United you know you’re signing for the biggest football club in the world, and then you meet Sir Bobby Charlton and he has an impact. There is no better ambassador in football in this country. We are blessed we’ve got someone so pure. Rio Ferdinand said there is no better ambassador for football in this country than Charlton David Beckham My middle names are Robert Joseph. Joseph was after my grandad but Robert was after Sir Bobby because my dad was a massive fan of United and his favourite player was always Sir Bobby. Sir Bobby and Norma are always together, they’re just a special couple — she’s amazing. You know that when they are around it’s a kind of royalty in the stadium. David Beckham revealed that his middle name Robert is in honour of the United legend Gordon Banks Bobby is one of the greatest, without any doubt. That goal against Mexico (in the 1966 World Cup) was the type of goal Bobby will be remembered for. They were unstoppable. Jack Charlton Bobby Charlton is the greatest player I’ve ever seen — and he’s my brother. I went down to London after Munich and I picked him up and drove him home. I said to him: ‘Tell me about what happened. ’ And he said: ‘I don’t want to talk about it. ’ Then he said: ‘I’ll tell you now, but never ask me again. ’ Jack Charlton (left) described his brother Bobby as 'the greatest player I've ever seen' Wayne Rooney (On breaking Sir Bobby’s record to become United’s all-time record scorer in 2017) It was a great moment, a proud moment. It was nice that Sir Bobby was in the dressing room after the game to congratulate me. It meant a lot — a special moment. Charlton was overtaken as United's record goalscorer by Wayne Rooney last campaign Tom Charlton (brother) He’s exactly the same now as he was when I was a lad which, for someone as famous, is remarkable. I remember asking my mum when we were watching Bob: ‘Why aren’t the rest of them as good as him? ’ He went into himself after Munich. I don’t think he ever really got over it. But I watched him play football and I was just spellbound. When he got the ball the whole crowd would take a breath. Sir Bobby Charlton at 80 — BBC 1 on Sunday October 8, 10. 30pm.

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Well your at least right about ferg...

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