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The Magic of Mushrooms - Eat Well Enjoy Life - Pure Food. Free Issue of Forbes Dazzling Film 'Fantastic Fungi' Shows The Magic Of Mushrooms With An Expanding Theatrical Release. David Carpenter Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors. The Ultimate Guide to Psilocybin Mushrooms - Experience. 'Fantastic Fungi' Review: The Magic of Mushrooms Louie Schwartzberg's informative and kooky documentary offers nothing less than a model for planetary survival. A scene from the documentary. The Magic of Mushrooms. By Dr. Mercola. There is, perhaps, no other food source surrounded by such mystery and magic as mushrooms. In the videos above, leading mycologist Paul Stamets gives a glimpse into some of the roles medicinal mushrooms play in health, such as activating your immune system and potentially fighting cancer.

The first evidence of magic mushroom use goes as far back as 10,000 BCE, where cave paintings in Australia suggest that mushroom-induced trances were a part of indigenous culture there. More rock paintings in Spain suggest that magic mushrooms were known to prehistoric people around 4,000 BCE in Europe.