I wanna watch this one. Whens the release date. I love this movie. Im curious why do they still make these cheesy and repeated movies. Part of this movie was filmed in my city. When she goes into the Christmas Decoration Shop that's downtown Pembroke Ontario. That shop doesn't exist in my city it was just for the movie but it's still pretty cool seeing my small city streets in a movie. Where is part two? Getting peeved looking and not seeing. Did you upload.

This girls in like a bunch of christmas movies what.


The guy is ugly.


I can't wait. A great movie! I highly recommend this movie. Merry Christmas to all. They don't really make a good couple. Wiil u post the whole thing pls. Puppies are forever ♾ Not just for Christmas 🎄🐶. Where can you find the movie at. Wuoooo😮😮😮. Damn those abs. Lol i get its a super cliche highly predictable movie but geez at least try to not show the entire movie in the trailer 😂.






Official website. Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane.