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Fantastic I Have Read It A Few Times He Sure Did Struggle But God Assisted Him 🙏. Augustine of hippo full movie. This guy is so talented I would to do a song with him in the future. Augustine wetta. Augustine pena murder. Augustin. I love this quote: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. There is nothing more beautiful and meaningful than a dedicated life. But here is a problem: When you dedicate your entire life to one field, if you don't remain open and curious enough, you may shut down all the other possibilities and come to believe that what you are doing is the only key to all that matters. So that's why you have the militant scientist who thinks you can apply only to science dealing with any possible issue in life, you have the religious fundamentalist who can't even see the climate change because it isn't written in his holy book, you have the neurologist who looks down on the psychoanalyst, because he thinks why to talk to people for years if there is a pill for every suffering, you have the classical piano teacher who wouldn't let his student to play a pop song, because that's not music after all. These may be brilliant people in their fields, but as they deepen on their subjects, what they learn open their eyes to certain things and blinds them for others. Take Richard Dawkins who is an excellent scientist from whom we can learn a lot. But here is what bothers me: In one of those atheists versus religious people events, if someone from the audience, just a normal, ordinary person who happens to be a believer dares to ask him a question, he looks at him with so much contempt. I mean he answers in such arrogant manners as if he would want to say: Me, Professor Richard Dawkins from Oxford, do I really have to talk to people like you. But if you think about it, how can an intellectual have the luxury to be so surprised by those questions? I have no trouble with God being a delusion, but isn't this also a delusion to believe that if you make people feel themselves stupid enough, eventually they will be so inspired and motivated by you as to change their entire view on life? I would rather read Alain de Botton's ( the founder of this channel) book Religion for Atheists and learn something very important about our species: where does this need to believe come from? How can we replace it as atheists? How could the institution of religion survive for thousands of years? Is there anything we can learn from the way religious communities are organised? So Alain is just more curious than Dawkins in this case. He goes much deeper into the topic rather than calling all religious folks stupid. I am sure this is a great example of what Aquinas meant. Dalai Lama is a great example too. Despite being a religious leader he is extremely interested in science. He financially supports many scientists and this is what he says: “If scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false, then we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims.” Or take Natalie Batalha: she is a very famous astrophysicist who works for NASA. She had found a couple of exoplanets herself. But it seems that science is not the only tool for her to understand us and the universe. She is very much into literature too. She talks a lot about novels and poems too. In an interview I have heard, she compared dark energy with love. They both are not yet explained but they move everything. Isn't that beautiful? So we should aspire to be more like this. I mean we can all be much more than a hammer and manage to see much more forms in the world than just nails. Curiosity, openness and modesty can get us there. Thank you for this wonderful lesson! I very much liked the saint philosopher.

Love sufjan, but he's trying to pimp out angelo into a coffee house star, and i'm not sure how I feel about it. Augustine washington.