BADKIDSHOW. I just saw the documentary and it was AMAZING. Seriously the whole world needs to know about the women. About the Kurds... God bless them. Count with on me to spread the word about you guys! Im half American half Latina and Im proud of you!❤️❤️. Love the song,but dude. FUNHAUS. Awesome. Did anyone else feel really un-comfortable after this... She is in a band called. The Sundays. Are you sure she is a Canuck? Or an anomaly. New fantasy oOPS.


Well, what a rollercoaster of emotion this movie turned out to be... Fingerbang? Lol ewww what if she was uncomfortable and fell off. Man, if only he didn't turn out to be a deranged psycho.

Fell in love with the Sunday's after this

I've always wanted to try that to a girl... Uuuummmmmyyyyyyyy. Marks lucky Johnny Cash didn't show up and kick his ass. Hêr Bîjî ★ ❥Hanna Böhman•★ ✌🏻 ~ KuRDîSTaN. ist eine Frau mit dem Herzen eines Löwens! Und der Albtraum für die IS Terroristen. Awesome scene, awesome movie, great song. I hear you on Tristan (my hubby) can be a handful as well lol I'm 3 years older him but sometimes I feel like I'm 15 years older than him! lol Love him though, I knew what I was getting into lol.






Nov 09, 2017 Fear Us Women follows Hanna Bohman, a Canadian civilian who has spent the last three years in Syria as a volunteer soldier battling ISIS. As a member of the YPJ, an all-female Kurdish army, Hanna gives an inside look at the brave women fighting for liberation in one of the world's most dangerous countries. Fear Us Women. Fear us women. Oh Sir Daniel Day-Lewis, yet another masterpiece of fine acting I expect. Afterwards they should have gone to the carousel. wild horses 😉😉.


Fear Us Women. Outraged by the atrocities they committed, she decided to take the ultimate action, traveling to Syria and becoming a volunteer soldier with the YPJ, an all-female Kurdish army. Through dust storms and tedium, training and firefights, Bohman offers an unprecedented front-line look at the female soldiers fighting for womens liberation. Fear us women download. I think they used music from once upon a time in the west at the beginning of the trailer. Great speech. Great delivery. And so on point in substance. She was so cute before her forehead grew down onto her nose. Fear Us women's health.


God bless this wonderful, beautiful, righteous lady in her fight for justice and standing and sharing the pain of womanhood and humanity true to the motherly, caring nature of woman to the world just like Mother Teresa. Fear Us women's clothing. Fear us women torrent. Fear Us women health. Fear Us women online.



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