Angel of Death: A Love Story by Anna Erishkigal. Short Stories About Death or Loss The death in these short stories can be figurative or literal, however, in most cases there is a physical death, or someone is concerned about dying. Often, the effect of death on those still living is explored. Short Stories About Death, Dying or Loss Online. Love Story (1970 film.

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Death - A Love Story. Death: A Love Story Synopsis. Filmmaker Michelle Le Brun chronicles the final months of her husband's life with liver cancer. Read Full Synopsis Cast + Crew Previous Cast Members More Cast Members. See Full Cast + Crew for Death: A Love Story Features. Death: A Love Story is a compelling, first person documentary that confronts our fears of the greatest unknown and reveals the moment-to-moment grace possible at the end of a life. An Official Documentary Selection at the Sundance Film Festival, this film follows the journey of husband and wife filmmakers Mel Howard and Michelle Le Brun as they.

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Death: A Love Story on Vimeo. Death: A Love Story, is a petite collection of 16 poems, meant to capture a fairytale, but also show love at its most vulnerable state—when there is no time for hesitation. "Death: A Love Story" was enthusiastically received when screened at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.