For a start, it looks unlike any other film I've ever seen. Which some may feel is a bad thing; others will be delighted. Very much a kind of John Waters, James Whale, David Lynch sort of production.
The music is incredibly catchy. The characters are very primary colours; caricatures. Several totally surreal scenes remain in the mind forever - the strange Dad Dancing sequence (actor Jonathan Benda is fantastic) has a weird look of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang about it; the bizarre Sirens performing on a council estate is one of the most peculiar things I've ever seen; the gut wrenching He Hit Me Again (totally out of the blue) is very effective; the magnificent News Anchors - you spend the first twenty minutes wondering whether they are genuine and ghastly or superbly acted; the very touching Never Let The Bastards Get You Down; the stunning sequence when the beautiful villain Mary Montague Miah conveys her bile in a Voice Over lit from below. br> This is a most unusual movie and one which will stay in your mind forever. A kind of breakthrough. The closest I can come to comparison is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
And I bet as many will hate it as will love it.