Recent revenus. Good movie. I believe almost all of you have a good chance to keep going for your movie careers. Producers, actors/actresses, executors, and directors have some, not all, potential of being a movie guru. If you are planning to do another storyline of Star Wars, I am looking forward to watch.
I do like the introduction. There are some curiosity from the fans who have wondering about your film location. The behind the scenes videos showed why you did it. You guys made from your backyard to certain, cool, background graphics of the Star Wars universe. The only mistake I see was the cut dialog. Obviously, we might know what will happen to the plot as the jedi knights found the treasure mask. Other than that, I think the end of the movie was giving you a good start of your movie careers. Well done, team.

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MY BOI. There are some idiots wrestling it out in the comments, just enjoy the preview folks and move on.


Valkorion's spirit is still alive and can take mortal vessels, such as Snoke. He is the offscreen enemy of the sequels. May not be true but it would make sense, and I really hope it is. Someone do a lets play. Looks amazing,truely could kick wow from his throne. I actually like Swtor. I loved kotor 1 and II. I would love Kotor 3 in the future. Nice work on this vid btw.


Vitiate is insanely powerful, i allied with him and use his powers when i can. Wtf jedi's propaganda. Shan was only healer. And Revan was defeated by Emperor's Wrath. YESSS REVAN. This would make a way better movie than the ep 4 rehash we got.



Revenant. The jury is still out. Revan mask. Looks amazing,truely could kick wow from his throne. Revan swgoh. Holy Force! I have been hoping a fanfilm exactly like this one would get produced at some point. Is there any Patreon page or something where I can help crowdfund this because I really want to see it. Now we all know this to be true REVAN KICKS ASS. Revan book. Watching This begs the Question once more. Why Haven't They (Lucasfilms) Taken A Friggin Hint and Made The KOTOR Movie Trilogy Yet. There's an Ancient Chinese Riddle for ya. WHY WON'T THEY MAKE A MOVIE? YOU GUYS MADE HIM AWESOME JUST WITH THIS TRAILER SO WHY ISN'T THERE A FEATURE FILM? AND WHY IS CAPS LOCK ON.

Revan movie. Renan luce. Wookiepedia. jajaja dont listen to him guys if u want to know the real story just play the 2 kotor games and read the REVAN's book by Drew Karpyshyn... I hope that revanite soldier gear becomes wearable. Revanche movie. For the two roleplay servers this expansion will bring great opportunities. Can't wait to see it, anything has got to be better than that God awful Galactic Strongholds expansion. Revenge. Revan qarayev sene mektub yaziram. Revantage. The first gunslinger was truly rocking that B I G I R O N.





Revan : StarWars.
How To Counter Relic Jedi Knight Revan Teams with Nute Gunray.
Bioware is giving out the Shadow of Revan expansion free and the KOTOR speeder from subscribing back in Oct 2015. The Star Wars : The Old Republic team is excited to celebrate Microsoft's release of the original Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic coming tomorrow, October 24th, to Xbox One.
[Guide] How to unlock Revan's full potential in p1+2 hSTR.

Revan, also known as the Revanchist and Darth Revan, was a male human Jedi Knight turned-Sith Lord and Dark Lord of the Sith until, stripped of his true persona, he returned to the crumbling Jedi Order and helped defeat the Sith Empire he had established. He was acknowledged as a very gifted. Here's my guide for running a Revan-led Jedi team in hSTR. For those of you who don't have the time to watch / don't want to watch, here's a TL;DR: Modding. GMYoda - CD+CC or Offense+CC sets, focus on speed and crit chance secondaries. Alternative is to focus on offense and cc.

Revan, Wookieepedia, Fandom. How to Mod and Zeta your Jedi Revan Squad for Arena. SWTOR Free Shadow of Revan Expansion and KOTOR Speeder - Dulfy. Jedi Revan [Guide - Complete] — Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums.