Tim Zinnemann on 'The Long Riders'


Please look up. Phat Johnny Depp by Tito Ybarra. and amerikkkans might possibly catch a glimpse of how most of us feel about old Johnny tonto. Miigwech. I loved this movie. Hozier 😍. LMAO that face she made at 0:18 she's like HELL YA I'M KEEPING IT. I like so much this song. This is a horrible trailer, seriously. totally got a 50 shades vibe from the music in the beginning. the movie was so good, ira and ruth's story especially. You shouldnt have to burn your life away to entertain. I think you should also keep some life energy to yourself. Although you do great work. I appreciate it. My opinion.



Watch Now For Free Tim Zinnemann on 'The Long Riders' 2017 Video) Release Info. Showing all 1 items Jump to: Release Dates (1) Also Known As (AKA) 0) Release Dates USA 26 September 2017: Also Known As (AKA) It looks like we don't have any AKAs for this title yet. Be the first to contribute. Tim Zinnemann on 'The Long Riders' Video 2017. Tim Zinnemann on 'The Long Riders' Video 2017. Release, Tim Zinnemann. Skip trial 1 month free. The Long Riders (6/11) Movie CLIP - On Your Way to Hell (1980) HD Stacy Keach, Tim Zinnemann Screenwriters: Walter Hill, James Keach, Stacy Keach, Bill Bryden. The Long Riders is a 1980 American western film directed by Walter was produced by James Keach, Stacy Keach and Tim Zinnemann and featured an original soundtrack by Ry won the Best Music award in 1980 from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards for this soundtrack. The film was entered into the 1980 Cannes Film Festival, Tim Zinnemann on The Long Riders (2017. out of 4) This eight-minute featurette has producer Tim Zinnemann discussing the production of Walter Hill's THE LONG RIDERS. He starts off talking about his father and how he got into the movie business. The Long Riders. The Long Riders (6/11) Movie CLIP - On Your Way to Hell (1980) HD. Tim Zinnemann (born April 15, 1940) is an American film producer, former assistant director, and is best known for his work on the films The Cowboys, The Long Riders, The Running Man and The Island of Dr. Moreau.

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I actually really liked this movie, even though I know it flopped. Totalment enamorada d esta historia. Dylan come get ur woman. GOD BLESS THE SOUTH. It 2013. I see why it flopped - people expected the Lone Ranger equivalent of more like 'Christian Bale' Batman but got George 'bat nipples' Clooney Batman. THE STORY OF IRA AND RUTH MADE ME CRY MY EYES OUT. just amazing and perfect👌. Sucks he was actually murdered and it was a robbery had gone wrong in Tailand and police kept it under wraps bad the truth was never released in USA of what actually happened. He was actually choked out and then hung in a closet like he was into bondage. Yea,Tailand,Good lie to USA as the media lies too.

So why did this movie bomb again. He is back and very very very strong. Well I've watch this so many times from now coz I bought a dvd of this film on amazon and it look great the effects and johnny depp was soo good for being why is this film is not the most successful in box office. I always play this really loud when someone comes to my door or if I get a phone call from someone I don't know.


Fuck reviews man. Can't believe it refused to watch this on big screen. I saw this movie and it was very good. A must see if you like romance. I find it odd how many when you look at their channels that they only have Hitler & nazi crap on their channel.(nothing Southern at all on their channel)That's how i know most of these people aren't Southern either. I live in the south and most who support Southern heritage don't like Hitler or nazis. The guy who posted this vid will probably delete this comment because he left every jew hater comment on here.

Can't even sit through the trailer let alone trying the film. Amazing film. Politisch korrekt geschnitten und dsmit cineastisch wertlos! Fast alle Slo-Mos sind rausgeschnitten. Constitutor according to blacks law dictionary takes the debts of another upon their heads. the Constitution replaced the Articles of the Confederation to pay the debts of the Revolutionary War. Those Northfield yankees and that Ames carpet bagger really just got lucky that day. Benjamin Butler should have been tried and hanged as a war criminal in Louisiana.




I used to do the same thing in high school to keep the bullies at bay. It always worked.


My new favourite movie ❤ I love it 😍 but it makes me cry every time I watch it.


Oh and what the hell were they thinking to put an inexperienced person on a bull.😡

Do not put me in the same cell as him,OMG. He's wacko! Lol. Tries to emulate the opening shootout in the Wild Bunch. Just doesn't have it. The guy playing the guitar at 0:12 is Ry Cooder.  He's played on 'A LOT' of Rolling Stones many songs by others - A GREAT GUITARIST. He also inspired Duane Allman to learn slide guitar. Do yu guys ever giv up. Watch Online Full Movie… Stream vf Complet Watch tim zinnemann on 'the full movie counter Watch Online Streaming Full. What you need is Clint Eastwood he'll take them on no problem. Looks a good movie may get it.

But sadly it IS happening not in America.