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Hotel Transylvania logic : you only zing once Dracula : zinged twice First : Maviss mother Second : killer captain.

This wouldve been epic if Michael Cera starred alongside with him. HAHAHAHAA

Milo 😍😍😍. Public art is art in any media that has been planned and executed with the intention of being staged in the physical public domain, usually outside and accessible to art is significant within the art world, amongst curators, commissioning bodies and practitioners of public art, to whom it signifies a working practice of site specificity, community involvement and collaboration. Brynden Rivers, lying crow (Spoilers Extended. [Can you guess which is before and after. Trim, paint and new lighting. It started in the bathroom with a necessary redo because of tile on green board. After we got the structural stuff in the bathroom done. the hall looked sad. pretty came next and it made sense to run it into the hall. 1. 1x3's and some PVC bead trim on the inside line of each of the 1x3's. 2. Cutting the PVC trim was easy with clippers and beat running back and forth to the saw. After.

Wow. this trailer slapped me and told me to clean my room. The slap scene was unscripted and Jennifers irritation was real 😂. This looks like such a cute movie! We love our “JLo Rom-Coms”. 💕💕 Ill be seeing it for sure. I just saw the greatest artist ever lived curse at two people for some some silly reason. I honestly had no idea until now that this was supposed to be about Dracula finding a mate. XD. And the nameplate changed from titanic to legacy.

Straight to VHS. Cant wait to binge on this. I feel that this series didn't portray Marie's philosophy and book fairly. I was very excited about it, I loved her and I liked some parts of few episodes, but most of the time I felt that I was watching a TLC show rather than a show full of the meaningful message behind Marie's Kondo philosophy. For example, in the first episode the woman was chosing her clothing based on whether she liked it or not even though Marie had already explained her the Sparking joy concept, for me she wasn't expressing gratitude either, she seemed like she was just throwing away old things. and I felt very uncomfortable. I know it's a long process, but I don't know. is it just me.

Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985. SHe used that time to write Lucky for Some, Shopping for Trouble, The Secret in the Farmhouse, The Art Show and A Second Chance. SHe now lives in Newcastle, north of Sydney, looking after her children and writing, with plans to return to teaching soon. I cant wait. It looks great.


Theory Revisited: Could the Last Safe City on Earth be in South America or somewhere else. I'm not sure what the trouble is with him, he goes invis sure, but as long as you dont try doing this quest during peak times while everyone is running in and out of the cave, he isnt hard to find. I just ran in this morning, turned the corner and boom there he was. Its been a while since we showed you what we are designing at the moment. Here is a concept art of a character we currently are working on. What do you think - is he gonna be a good pal or the one who will bring you troubles.

An ideal wife for Levi Ackermann! Srsl. 😂 LOL, I just got hired for a mid-manager position, and the new company did like 10 education and reference checks (through a verification agency. Yeah, I know it's a movie, but come on 😂. Trashy Malicious Compliance. I thought you could only Zing once in your life? I thought he would never move on from Martha ☹️. Anyone else feels like hes cheating on Kate from this is us ? 😂. Josh is really cool, without the beard. Hallway Before and After. * This post obviously contains spoilers for IDMAN. I know this is very late, I actually planned to make this right around the final episode of *idman* but was too lazy to work on it, but now since *SSSS.Dynazenon* was announced I figure I might as well do it now. These are all references and fun facts that I could get as a fan of both Ultraman and Transformers, some of them I got it by myself with my thoughts put into them, others are thanks to some people calling it out online.


I literally watched full movie on 2D xd

Will it be cheesy? Yes. Will it be predictable? Yes. Will I watch it? Hell yeah. Jennifer Lopez in a movie. Can't wrap my head around it. My type of movie! Cant wait to see this at the movies! I love JLo❤️❤️.






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