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Shoes get's too small. احب توم.


Backpack, backpack... 👩.

Frank sinatra and elvis presley My way love forever

Honestly if they put this video next to the actual trailer, I would not know which one was the real one. Looks like the piano I played on. Merciiiiiiii. Watched it The first ones better. This was a JOKE seven years ago. The world has truly gone mad and I love it. I hope Dora and everyone just pause at random moments and say, How many apples are there? Say it with me. Or, Amigo means friend! It would be so hilarious.

1:17 no reactions to good the police. Why would I want to see this as an actual movie 😂. Harry was saved by Mace Windu's inability to aim.


It looks funny but I would never watch it in the cinemas and watch it by myself on purpose.







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