2018 Path of Blood



Path of Blood. Hats off to the Saudi Special Forces who eradicated these menaces who are hell bent on using religion as a veil to carry out their evil deeds. The documentary was an edge of the seat thriller and as a Muslim, it was even more disgusting to see how the actions of few are tarnishing the image of the Islam. I went to Saudi Arabia in 1996 as an eight years old and lived there for fourteen years. Never realized that I have lived through such a troubled time in the Kingdom's history. The documentary showed Al Qaeda's attack on a compound in Khobar and it all came back to me as I was in the city at that point and I did hear about it the same evening. Sadly we lost one of our neighbour who was in THAT area and was shot dead.

A unique and special way of demonstrating Al Qaeda by exploring real footage of a specific gang. What an incredible intake, thank you.