Imagine if his nose gets to stuffy and its hard to breathe😢what if something happend. I love is his sweatshirt. No bias there it just says Sports. A Woman's Face. The Woman With No Face Subscribe: A 21-year-old girl in India has lived her entire life with no face after doctors told her as a baby t, The Woman with No Face (TV Movie 2015. The Woman With No Face. Directed by Myles Judd. When a rare form of cancer ravages her face, young model Tambu Makinzi undergoes groundbreaking surgery to have the giant tumor removed.

Imagine how sore his jaw must be. Oh My, its in my country Im - O.O- OK THATS WEIRD OMGGGG ☹️❤️ I feel bad. 🇭🇺. Bitch Iron my Shirt. Honestly, after the surgery and after it all healed up. His whole swag changed. Happy for you bro 💪🏽💪🏽🚀.


Government is a shame they should do his operation and fix it for free. 2/3 of the bar is 'll see... My heart was broken seeing the picture but it got healed knowing there is humane people out there. I hope she cuts his heart out and eats it.

I'm so proud of these docs that this isn't anywhere close to gory for me

Name of the song at 0:50 pls! thx.

How about mad respect to them doctor's and nurse's

I'm here because the thumbnail had me going like WHAT THE ACTUAL F... I wish life never has diseases. I read the title as Escape from Poptropica and was expecting some sort of live action poptropica movie. Now I'm just disappointed for no real reason. “The worst part of prison were the dementors. They would come and suck your soul right up.” -Prison Mike.



No one: Tc: gal gadot is a permanent headache.


[Yesterday's thread] of_good_manliness_in_films/ was amazing; I thought it'd be useful to have an overview of all the films and tv shows that were suggested there, for when we need recommendations! I summarised other people's descriptions; I hope that's okay and I hope I did that correctly. If not, please let me know and I'll happily edit my post. None of this is my own, all credit goes to the people who participated in the thread and. Seulgi: Singer/Dancer/Model/BEAR Solar: Singer/Dancer/Model/Vlogger/RAISES COWS And look at 7:02 (we stan. Modern Talking! .😍. Armenia 2019.

No one: Literally Nobody: Ariana Grande With really heavy hair


Blackpink 78 - Jisoo 66 - Rosé 19 - Jennie 3 - Lisa. R/Popheads 2019 Album of The Year #31: Taylor Swift - Lover. تحيا 🇩🇿 الجزائر العظيمة 3/11/2019. Where the hell is catriona and joy like jdhwhskjdhwks. NO ONE :✌ Literally no one :✌ LISA. DOOR KICKER. Aww poor girl! I hope shes doing ok. Awesome work to the doctors! Grace, you look beautiful sweetie ☺️ live life to the fullest and just love yourself 😍. 1:40 I see a Mercedes E class sedan owner dancing. Just behind her I see a BMW 3 series owner dancing with her boyfriend next to some Volkswagen Jetta and Volvo owners.