Mystery Road



When movies were just flat out good fun! sigh I miss the 80's... Wow the thumbnail though. I dont like musicals but man this looks dope. Why did I watch this Trailer? I am so damn excited rn. XD.

The part where everyone holds up a candle to Usnavis window during Alabanza. Im crying 😭


Why cant this guy live a normal life. This would be my first experience with this musical and I'm very excited. Mystery Road (2013) is a film about a small town cop whose investigation into the death of a young prostitute leads him into a dark underworld of meth producers and pimps. While director Ivan Sen tries to effect a dark and somber mood, it's kind of hard to take the whole thing seriously when some of its locales have names like "Slaughter Hill" and "Massacre Creek. Even the naming of the titular road seems to serve no purpose other than to remind us of the genre of film we're watching. Which is to say nothing of the film's weird affinity for aerial tracking shots of "Detective Jay Swan" driving from one dilapidated country shack to another. Mystery Road scores some points for its visual association of a rustic countryside setting with bleakness and decay (see also, True Detective and Breaking Bad) but everything from Aaron Pederson's flat performance to the overlong running time make this a B-list thriller at best. If the film has a saving grace, it's the deftly choreographed shootout scene at the end.

“Pan Caliente Café con Leche” I love that Edit: I'm Dominican and seeing my flag there it's just- Wow. Who else gets a chill when you hear the first gong? Takes me back. Skin is tingling through the entire trailer. This is what a real movie looks like. Tom Cruise is one of the last great movie stars. Son, Your ego is writing cheques your body can't cash Captain Tom “Stinger” Jordan Still one of the best quotes from the 80's...

This trailer just Took My Breath Away 😎.